Island People’s Story



The aim of this multi media art exhibition is to explore, discover and present the lives of the Orkney islanders who lived and worked as the ‘Fishermen with Ploughs’ on these North Atlantic Islands of Orkney.

During this 2018 Summer season the Island Peoples’ Story art exhibition will be open to the public as a pilot project and introduction to to the heritage and reminiscence project that I have been trying to  raise funds for called ‘The Island Peoples’ Story – A Celebration’. The stories of the Orkney women,their men and families who worked the land and fished the seas over the last 500 years.

Through telling their stories and presenting their social customs and work traditions, the roles they played in the Orkney Island life and work cycles can be brought alive and recognised. Alongside their men who worked the land and fished the sea the island women nurtured their families and sustained the Orkney Booksisland way of life on a daily basis for many generations.

Using multimedia techniques, storytelling and poetry, traditional dance and song drawing and painting,pastels and inks,prints,murals and collage with traditional Island crafts we offer you a glimpse into the social and work customs of the past generations of fishing and farming islanders.

Ultimately,when the social heritage and reminiscence project commences, with audio and visual reminiscence techniques we can bridge the gap of time – Visitors, families and individual islanders can listen to the spinning of their tales and stories, discover their Orkney heritage and unique island traditions, discovering how they carved and moulded who the indigenous Orcadian Islander is today.

‘We cannot live life fully without the treasury our ancestors have left us’

George Mackay Brown