A Storytelling Landscape

The Orkney Folklore and Storytelling Centre launches ‘A Storytelling Landscape’ to enrich the visitors’ and local peoples’ Orkney Islands’ experiences through the Islands’ Oral Heritage, ancient traditions of storytelling alongside ‘The Story of Place’ experiences. 

The Orkney Folklore & Storytelling Centre have launched of a unique blended Orkney Heritage programme of live-streamed offerings alongside live in-person Island storytelling events and cultural experiences.

As well as live-streamed events there will also be a series of podcasts featuring local Orcadian Islanders, sharing their social traditions, folklore and legends and work customs passed on by generations of Islanders who worked the land and fished the seas.

A Storytelling Landscape’s blended approach will create a pathway that transports you to share in the magic of these North Atlantic Islands, no matter where in the World you are listening!

Our podcasts will be available to listen to below or by visiting https://pod.co/a-storytelling-landscape

A Storytelling Landscape – The Islanders’ Harvest Time – The Muckle Supper (Episode 4)

A Storytelling Landscape – Midsummer Magic in The Orkney Islands – The Happening (Episode 3)

A Storytelling Landscape – The Folk O’ Hill & Mound – An Island Crofter’s Calendar (Episode 2)

A Storytelling Landscape – Orkney YuleTide and Auld Neu’ Year Customs (Episode 1)

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