Summer Programme

Annual Programme of Events


FIRESIDE AFTERNOONS – For the Foraging Fortnight in collaboration with the Orkney International Science Festival – The two weekends of Saturday 31st August & Sunday 1st September and 14th/15th September. 2.30pm – 4.30pm 

Enjoy an afternoon of island Folklore and Orkney legends with afternoon tea,Orkney beremeal biscuits and scones around the peat fire.

Hear about the folk tales,social customs and work traditions of the past island families who worked the land and fished the seas around these North Atlantic Islands.COST: £6 per person

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Island Folklore and Legends Talk & Tea.  

Every Thursday and Saturday at 2 pm. ( March to September )                                                                                             Listen to the traditional island sea stories and land legends,social customs and beliefs of the Orkney fishing and farming people who worked the land and fished the sea.Enjoy a complimentary afternoon tea and Orkney biscuits.COST: £10

  • Island Harvest Homes and Market Days
  • Wedding Feasts and Courting Customs
  • The Island Calendar – Fishing the Sea and Working the Land

Peatfire Tales of Orkney Evenings

On a Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday, and Sunday here at the Orkney Folklore and Storytelling Centre – 8pm for an 8.30pm start.March to October.

Booking essential.Tickets £10 per Adult £6 per child Private bespoke Private evenings for groups by arrangement all year round. (from 6 to 25 guests)

Guided Heritage Walks

Lead by a qualified STGA guide – Daily – Morning/afternoon or evening        1) THE STROMNESS HERITAGE TOWN WALK – 400 years of this unique small 16th century tfishing town’s unique maritime heritage.Discover the old hidden piers,closes and courtyards with their seafaring characters of the past. 

  2)   SCAPA FLOW COASTAL WALK – Scapa Flow History and the Wartime Heritage since the Norse times.From the South End of Stromness along the West Shore discover the old World War buildings where natural beauty meets Island history along this unique coastline of the Hoy Sound.   

DURATION FOR EACH WALK: 1 hour 30 minutes – easy walking – COST: £7 per person. 

By arrangement both walks may be combined to offer a morning or afternoon along around this beautiful place in Orkney’s West Mainland Island         

 ‘Peedie’ Folk Art Gallery

A Summer Exhibition  
Explore ‘seeing’ the stories,the island legends and lore,social customs and Seascapes of the Orkney Fishing and Farming People in pastels and inks, pen, photographic images and words.

Orkney FolkloreFamily & Children’s  StoryCircles.

Create your own Storyboards and Storymaps making your own characters and creatures in mask and puppets,all from recycled materials .Share and take away your own Island story in a Storycircles session. Groups of 3 to 8 people welcome.COST £50 per 2 hour 30 minute session – all inclusive of art and craft materials.

The Power of Story Courses & Workshops

A Storytelling course for anyone to explore the Power Of Story. Through story making, communication arts, voice and rhythm work, discover the storyteller in you.This ancient oral and living tradition was the thread that passed on,for thousands of years,the wisdom,knowledge and traditions of a community from one generation to the next generation.

Of particular benefit to:
a) Professionals working in education, special educations, social care and mental health
b) For volunteers and staff working within social care, mental health and education.
c) Parents, carers and Foster Carers with families, young children and adults with special educational needs and /or challenging behaviour.
d) Adults with  special educational needs, learning disabilities and/or high stress levels and mental health issues.

The Power Of Story Themes Explored:

THE WEAVER OF TALES: Learn how to make effective use of voice, rhythm, gesture and language. Explore how to be a storyteller with the legends and folk tales from your own environment.
THE STORY FOLK: Explore the imagery and symbolism of the  characters and creatures in a story. What they tell you,what they do that takes you on your journey through the story. Create your own, masks, storyboards, written stories, and choose your own theme to create and tell your own story.
THE STORY DANCES & BALLADS – Follow the weavings and patterns of the traditional song dances and ballads. Their stories are told in the rhythm of beating feet,clapping hands and singing voices.