Story Courses

The Power Of Story courses and workshops – A series of Creative Learning workshops for staff, volunteers, carers and parents in communication, self expression and social skills. The Power Of Story workshops are of particular value to those involved in the field of Special education, early learning, social care and mental health.

The workshop themes offered are:

The Weaver of Tales
Explore how to be a ‘storyteller’ of the folk tales, legends and myths from your own community. Learn how to make effective use of voice, rhythm, gesture and language to tell your own story or help others to share their story.

The Story Folk
Explore the imagery and symbolism of each story’s characters and creatures. Learn how it is their function to take the story listener on their journey through the Story. Create your own storyboards, Storymaps, masks and collage, weaving the characters into your own tapestry of tales.

The Story Dances
Follow the weaving patterns and traditions of the song dances and ballads. Listen to the voice of the story, heard in the rhythm of beating feet and the lyrics of ancient songs.

We explore story making, story telling, story characters and the creation of storyboards. We can let our imaginations wander within the safe framework of ‘The Story’.

Lynn offers the ‘Power of Story’ courses and workshops on a one-to-one bespoke basis or for small groups of up to 6 people at the folklore and Storytelling Centre or on an outreach basis.

After graduating from Glasgow University, M.A. Arts in English Literature and Language and Drama she worked in the field of Creative Learning, developing Communication Arts programmes for children, young people and adults with special educational needs, disabilities and mental health issues over the last 30 years. Her Communication Arts programmes include and integrate StoryCircles, Drama, Creative Movement with mask and puppet making, environmental art and sculpture.

As a Centre of Heritage Tourism and Creative Learning you are invited to enjoy an experience that will give you a glimmer of Orkney’s past ancient oral traditions in a contemporary social setting and discover who these Orkney ‘ Fishermen with Ploughs’ really were.12

Find out about past islanders’ sea legends, crofting tales, social customs and beliefs. Explore how the peoples’ Island Calendar and their partnership with the ancient landscape and surrounding seas has shaped the social landscape of today on these North Atlantic Islands of Orkney.

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