Private Groups – Storytelling


A bespoke evening exclusively for private groups of  6-30 guests, such as families, school & education groups, hand-fasting & wedding parties and anyone who enjoys Storytelling and the Oral Heritage of Scotland.

‘Tales around the Peat Fire’

A traditional evening of Storytelling from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland that combines legends, lore and social customs with music, song and dance. Your evenings program is bespoke and flexible to suit the interests of your group as you can choose from a combination of social traditions and work customs  such as:

  •  Island Wedding Feast, Social Customs & DanceTraditions.
  • The Crofters Calendar & Island Harvest Home Traditions.
  • The  Orkney Market Days and Courting Customs.
  • The Highland and Islands Yule and Auld Neu’Year Customs.

Enjoy and combine these with the unique legends, folklore and myths such from the Highlands and Islands such as:

  • The Orkney Sea Legends.
  • Highland Stories of The Shorelines.
  • Orkney Peedie Folk of Hill and Mound.
  •  Creatures & Beings of the Scottish Highlands.

Book the Folklore library, the Hamnavoe Room and the Folk Art Studio for your group’s special event and have a bespoke personalised Scottish Storytelling  and Heritage experience here at The Orkney Folklore and Storytelling Centre all year round.


For more information on the options and cost per person please contact Lynn by phone +44 (0)1856 841207 or email





‘We cannot live life fully without the treasury our ancestors have left us’

George Mackay Brown