Peatfire Tales of Orkney

An evening of Island storytelling that combines legend, lore and social customs with music, song and dance

The Orkney FolkLore and Storytelling Centre is where Scottish folklore and Island myths come alive. Share in the oral tradition of Orkney; experience Scottish folklore and Island legend with music, song and dance. Lynn Barbour has explored the folklore and myths of her home country along with other Scottish storytellers. We welcome other Scottish storytellers to come along and share their tales of folklore and legend.

“The islanders have always loved legends – in previous generations, on a winter night there was nothing else for them to do but tell stories and play their fiddles. They told stories, of course, about their neighbours and about the Laird and Minister and smugglers and lovers – the vivid people who were part of their own circumstances.”
George Mackay Brown

The social customs of the Orkney fishing and farming communities underline the spiritual connection between people and the natural elements. Folklore and myth is not particular just to the Orkney islands, the oral tradition of storytelling is a worldwide heritage. Scottish storytellers have passed on the folklore and myth in their own dialect for thousands of years and still do. In Orkney, the language of the Norse and Pictish people, Norn, was lost. Only remnants of the old sagas and stories remain. We offer to you these island myths and legends, a glimpse back to the lost times of evenings by the peat fire.

“The enchanting tongues went on and on beside the fish-oil lamps. Then the grey of morning entered the crofts and called the islanders back once more to their hard work of ploughing and fishing”.
George Mackay Brown

PEATFIRE TALES OF ORKNEY-A Traditional Orkney Evening that combines legend,lore and story with social customs,music,song and dance. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday- 8pm for an 8.30pm startPeatfire Tales

COST: £10 PER ADULT £6 PER CHILD (7- 12 years) 10% CONCESSION (for senior citizens)

Under the present Scottish Government Covid-19 Guidelines and regulations for indoor visitor centres,the maximum number of adult guest at each event is 14 only (children 12 years+ count as an adult place) 

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Private bespoke evenings for 6 – 30 guests.
Book your group,families,community,educational, Handfasting and Wedding groups welcome, for a personalised,bespoke evening of traditional Scottish stories, social customs music and dance.this evening is tailored to your group’s interests….choose from one of our Legends and Lore progammes.