More Orkney Stories

A sample of some more of the Orkney Folklore and legends you will hear around the peatfire!

Lady OdivereLady Odivere
An Orkney Earl, Odivere betroths himself at the Odin Stone to a beautiful Norwegian maiden and then travels to the Holy Lands, breaking his promise of true love to her along the way. Meanwhile Lady Odivere is visited by a stranger, the Selkie King, who tells her of Odivere’s wrongdoings and they fall in love. The Selkie child born must return to the sea after seven years – but before he leaves, Lady Odivere gives her son the gift of a gold chain from her handfasting (to Odivere). When Odivere returns, he celebrates his return by hunting otters at sunrise. However, when the selkie he shoots is found to be wearing a gold chain, Odivere and Lady Odivere discover the terrible truth of what happens when you betray the oath to Odin at the Odin stone.