The Mill of Eyrland

The Mill of Eyrland was built in 1861-2 by the Balfour Estate, on a site where a mill had stood since the 1500’s. The Balfours were known throughout Orkney as large landowners, and the mill was built to service their tenant farmers of the parish of Stenness and the surrounding area. However, smaller landowners in the area, even as far afield as the islands of Hoy and Graemsay, would also bring their crops to be milled.

The mill worked for just over a century, housing and employing four millers over that time. The main crop milled here was bere, a primitive form of barley. Bere-meal bannocks are still enjoyed in many Orkney homes today.

The Mill of Eyrland enjoys spectacular views and is set in a beautiful location by a mill burn. Many parts of the old working mill are visible. It is now a unique heritage building that now provides Orkney visitors with Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

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